Annie Junior

AH Musical Theatre Club Presents Annie Jr.!
Posted on 02/15/2023
7 young actors surround the girl playing “Molly” - they are all leaning in toward her and smiling. She has her hands on her hips and is smiling back.

Sending a big “Bravo!” to the Atherton Hough Musical Theatre Club! Our young actors performed scenes from “Annie Jr.” for their schoolmates on Wednesday, 2/15, and will be performing for their families on Thursday, 2/16. Kudos to our cast and crew…and we extend special thanks to Ms. Berlenbach, Ms. Ciardi, and Ms. Markarian for their outstanding work to direct and organize this production!

Image collage shows (clockwise, from top left): Annie comforts one of her fellow orphans; Ms. Farrell and the staff welcome Annie to the mansion; Daddy Warbucks head off to the movies; The cast concludes the show with a rendition of "Tomorrow;" The butlers and maids at Daddy Warbucks' mansion get to work; Thank you to Ms. Markarian, Ms. Ciardi, and Ms. Berlenbach for directing and organizing this production; Lily, Rooster, and Miss Hannigan perform "Easy Street."

Image collage shows (clockwise, from top left): 5 actors lay on yoga mats on a gym floor with blankets over them, pretending to be in bed. Two actors are sitting up in the middle; one appears to be frightened and the other is comforting her; 5 students perform; from left to right, two girls are dressed as maids and one boy is dressed as a butler. Next to them stands the girl playing Ms. Farrell, who holds a clipboard. All the way on the right is the girl playing Annie, wearing a red dress; a male actor playing Daddy Warbucks is wearing a suit with an overcoat and fedora; 21 students stand in a long line across the Atherton Hough gym; all are wearing costumes and are singing; Several young actors stand and kneel and mimic cleaning around the Atherton Hough gym. The boys are dressed as butlers and the girls are dressed as maids and cooks. Behind them is a backdrop of an elaborate hallway; Three teachers stand in front of the Atherton Hough stage; Three students perform in the Atherton Hough gym. On the right, a young girl wears a bowler hat and a pink boa; in the middle, a boy wears a suit jacket and fedora; on the right, the girl playing Miss Hannigan wears a dress and cardigan.